Current Members


Jiawei Han

Abel Bliss Professor, Department of Computer Science, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Research: Data Mining, Database Systems, Data Warehousing, Information Networks

Address: Room 2132, Siebel Center for Computer Science, 201 N. Goodwin Avenue, Urbana, IL 61801, USA

E-mail: hanj[at]


Qi Li

Data managenment; Truth Discovery; Text Mining

Chanyoung Park

Multi-modal Data Mining; Recommender System; Graph Representation Learning

Ph.D. Students

Honglei Zhuang

Data Mining; Outlier Detection; Crowdsourcing; Social Network Analysis

Ahmed El-Kishky

Text Mining, Heterogenous Information Networks

Shi Zhi

Data Mining; Truth Discovery

Yu Shi

Data Mining, Information and Social Network Analysis

Jingbo Shang

Text Mining; Network Construction and Mining

Carl Yang

Network Construction and Mining; Graph Analysis; Deep Learning

Liyuan Liu

Text Mining, Network Construction, Optimization, Embedding

Jiaming Shen

Data Mining, Text Mining, Information Retrieval System

Xuan Wang

Bio Text Mining

Xiaotao Gu

Natural Language Understanding, Information Extraction, Text Mining

Yuning Mao

Text Mining, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning

Jinfeng Xiao

Applied Machine Learning; Biomedical Data Mining; Information Retrieval

Qi Zhu

Knowledge-guided Text mining, Information Network Mining

Jiaxin Huang

Text Mining, Spatio-temporal Data Mining

Xinyang Zhang

Text Mining, Graph Mining

M.S. Students

Yu Zhang

Text mining; Information Network Analysis

Sha Li

User Behavior Modeling; Text Mining

Wanzheng Zhu

Text Mining, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning

Yu Meng

Text Mining; Applied Machine Learning

On-leave Ph.D. Students

Brandon Norick

Heterogeneous Information Network Analysis, Network Embedding, Recommendation

George Brova

Data Mining; Data Managment System; Machine Learning