Data Mining, Database Systems, Data Warehousing, Information Networks


Data-driven behavior analytics, fraud detection, recommender systems, social media analysis
Spatiotemporal Data Mining; Recommender Systems; Social Media Analysis; Text Mining

Ph.D. Students

Heterogeneous Information Network Analysis, Network Embedding, Recommendation
Text Information Extraction; Network Data Analytics; Natural Language Processing
Applied Machine Learning; Natural Language Processing;Large Scale Text Mining
Information Network Analysis, Distributed Representation Learning, Matrix Estimation
Data Mining; Data Managment System; Machine Learning
Data Mining; Machine Learning; Information Retrieval; Web Mining
Data Mining; Applied Machine Learning; Spatiotemporal Data Analytics; Social Media Analysis; Urban Computing
Data Mining; Outlier Detection; Crowdsourcing; Social Network Analysis
Data Mining, Information and Social Network Analysis, User Behavior Modeling
Data Mining; Truth Discovery
Text Mining; Network Construction and Mining.
Network Construction and Mining; Graph Analysis; Deep Learning.
Approximate Query Processing, Interactive Data Exploration and Visualization.
Text Mining, Network Construction, Optimization, Embedding.
Data Mining, Text Mining, Information Retrieval System, Mathematic Optimization.

M.S. Students

Data Mining; Text Mining; Information Network Analysis.
Data Mining, Information Network Analysis
Text Information Retrieval and Data Mining
Data Mining; Text Information Extraction
Qi Zhu
Text mining, computer vision


Ph.D. Students

Xin Jin
Graduated: Sep. 2012
Hector Gonzalez
Graduated: May. 2008
Wen Jin
Graduated: Summer 2006
Ling Liu
Graduated: Spring 1995
Zhaohui Xie
Graduated: Spring 1995
Wei Lu
Graduated: Summer 1993

M.S. Students

Xiangyu Chen
Graduated: Apr. 2016
Petre Tzvetkov
Graduated: 2003

Visiting Scholars

Hong Chen
Sep. 2016 -- Mar. 2017
Won-Young Kim
2003 -- 2004
Young-Koo Lee
2003 -- 2004