People in Data Mining Group


Jiawei Han

- Abel Bliss Professor, CS, UIUC
- ACM Fellow, IEEE Fellow
- Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques,
3rd edition, Morgan Kaufman, 2011



PhD Students


George Brova

Data mining


Yucheng Chen

Information network analysis and machine learning


Marina Danilevsky

Network mining


Ahmed El-Kishky

Data mining and machine learning


Yihan Gao

Data mining

Quanquan Gu

Data mining and machine learning


Huan Gui

Data Mining

Hyung Sul Kim

Sequential and tree mining

Jialu Liu

Machine Learning and Data Mining

Brandon Norick

Information Network Analysis


Xiang Ren

Data mining and
machine learning

Yanglei Song

Data Mining


Fangbo Tao

Data mining

Chi Wang

Information network analysis and mining, especially in community and role discovery


Jingjing Wang

Spatial-temporal data mining
cyber-physical network analysis
machine learning and information retrieval

Xiao Yu

Information network mining
Entity search and recommendation in information network
Cyber-physical network mining


Chao Zhang

Information network analysis
cyber-physical network analysis

Honglei Zhuang

Data mining and machine learning


Master Students

Tobias Kin Hou Lei

Cyber-physical network analysis

Shi Zhi

Trustworthiness analysis

Min Li

Information and cyber-physical network analysis


Post-Docs and Visiting Scholars

Lidan Wang

Information network search